BTL Exilis Ultra Femme 360

BTL Exilis Ultra Femme 360

Ultra Result| Ultra Safe |Ultra Comfort

A revolutionary non-surgical treatment for Vaginal rejuvenation
(Labial and Vaginal tightening)

The only FDA cleared simultaneous combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound. Through the body’s natural processes,  stimulate collagen production and restore the vaginal and vulvar areas to a more youthful state.

RF waves & heating

- Enhance blood circulation
- Maintain a normal vaginal pH level
- Improve natural lubrication and sensation

RF & Ultrasound simultaneous emission

Increase cell penetration to remodel collagen and elastin structure effectively.

Monopolar focus radiofrequency

Radio frequency energy delivered to the target tissue, stimulates collagen and elastin fibres

Vaginal rejuvenation & Lip reshaping

3x increase in Elastin Fibres

2x increase in Collagen


Most of the collagen and elastin stored in the Lamina Propria which is the bottom of Epithelial. Energy deliver through Mono-polar radio frequency can cover Epithelial and rebuild Lamina Propria to stimulates collagen and elastin.

⋅ Epithelial cells increase caused vaginal wall thickening. It helps maintain a normal vaginal pH level to ensure its health

⋅ By increasing the thickness of the vaginal wall, tightening of Vaginal Canal to improve sexual satisfaction

⋅ Improve lubrication and sensation


The external labia are mainly used to protect vaginal opening. Monopolar radiofrequency delivers can helps stimulates collagen and elastin to improve the appearance and protection.

⋅ Firming and plumping 

⋅ Avoid growth of bacteria that cause itching, burning  and odor

Feedback from customers

Improve sexual satisfaction after treatment
Satisfaction of appearance improvement
Painless during treatment

*4 treatment session are necessary,  significant results are obtained as early as the 4th week after the end of the treatment cycle and last for 1 year.